Thursday, August 27, 2009


COVERING UP THE LIESMany years ago, while I was administrative assistant for a security company a loved one realized that I was being abused, and in order to protect that loved one, she handed me a plane ticket to Chicago to visit my brother.Just recently I was blessed to have found on facebook a family member that I lost contact with for the past ten years. No matter how much time has past and what took place in the past, we continue to have love and support for each other.She was also a victim of Domestic Violence. The family member that, shipped me off to Chicago, has enforced upon this family member not to speak to me. The lies of the past will always interfere with your future. I was called a liar that what happen to me so many years ago did not happen!!!!As I said before, you can forgive and I have forgiven but….You will never be able to forget. To my ex family member, I feel sadness for you and pity. I wish you nothing but the best. I pray that, one day you will find peace in heart. I have!!!!To all my wonderful friends and family, thank you for all your love!!!!!Rosa Torres-Sadler

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