Thursday, August 27, 2009



Ten years has passed since my first surgery. For years I went into hiding, not ever feeling safe again. The Domestic Violence that has overwhelmed my life has frightened me time and time again.

With the love and support from my children, group sisters and advocates, and my wonderful friends. Their encouragement has brought me out of hiding.

No money in the world would ever be able to replace my vision. I am no longer, the woman that worked for Al Dia News Paper, I am no longer the woman that could get behind the wheel of her car and go and help other as they have helped me.

I am the woman that refuses to keep the code of silence; I am the woman that will move forward for justice not only for me but for all women who has suffered Domestic Violence.

The strong, positive, determined woman that I am would you believe that at times I still continue to have my own personal nightmares.

My heart has forgiven but….I will not forget. Many people feel you can just brush it away and move on. Not so easy. My abusers caused me my vision. Each morning I wake up and I am reminded of what was left behind after my surgery or left behind in the middle of road.

I know now that, our God has protected me for a reason. I am one of the lucky ones, yes I am a survivor. My determination and the strength that flows through me from my mother will help others. So, to my abuser, I am still here and blessed because I can speak out AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.


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